December 2023 ~ the 1099C Mortgage Discharge Scam

On 27th December 2023, Iain Clifford Stamp triumphantly announced that he’d had his “First Success” in writing off a Mortgage. 
He claimed to have paid “Certified Funds” (money) to the Mortgage Company’s appointed Trustee and in so doing this had caused the Trustee to send a 1099C to the IRS to “Cancel” the Mortgage Debt. 

Just a few Questions: 

1. If Iain had paid the Debt, why did the Mortgage Trustee need to Cancel the Debt?
2. Why does a 1099C not get completed EVERY TIME someone pays off their Mortgage?
3. Is it likely that Iain merely completed a 1099C himself so that he could RIP-OFF yet more unsuspecting victims?

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You can clearly see that the alleged borrower is a woman called Charmaine. 

Charmaine is an ex-staff member of Matrix Freedom. She stopped paying her Mortgage because she believed in Iain Stamp. It has been confirmed that she has NOT had her Mortgage wiped and is currently in court defending repossession proceedings!

You will Note that the Form is dated 12/31/2022: ie: 31st December 2022. 

If this is the case – then why – after a year – is the Charge Still Showing at the Land registry on Charmaine’s property title in Croydon and WHY is Charmaine still in court? 

Land Registry Search Conducted in January 2024