MATRIX FREEDOM Customer Feedback:

Here is a very small snapshot of the feedback which has been sent to us from victims. 

Let’s not forget that all of us handed £thousands-of-pounds to Stamp because he stated that he could strike-off mortgages and he could strike-off unsecured debt without affecting Credit Ratings.

Stamp clearly offered a service to strike-off mortgages and debt and he clearly advertised a 100% track record. We have the proof of that from Stamp’s own website, emails and videos.

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#1 – I have just found your website for which I thank you very much.

“I was looking for information regarding Iain Clifford of Matrix Freedom etc. I have, unfortunately, paid them £2500 in advance for reclaiming a past mortgage.
This so-called process started in December 2021.

As I am on a state pension it seemed like a good way to boost my savings. 

I have watched a video about reclaiming this from the credit card company. However, for various reasons, I paid directly from my bank account with the Co-op. I have phoned and emailed them many times, getting all sorts of excuses and reasons why they have not even written my first affidavit for the claim.

I don’t normally fall for scams but I started to become suspicious when these repeated promises of 1 week were ignored and I heard nothing.

Then I became more suspicious when they said many of their staff had left. Then one person I think I did trust left suddenly being ‘very ill’ on the same day I had spoken with her at length.

Then I was inundated with Iain Clifford’s video sign-ups and his obvious plans to expand at, what I saw as an unsustainable pace – especially given his problems with staff.

Then, when I asked to speak to Ian Clifford (Stamp or whatever he calls himself) my request was not acknowledged but the person responding (Simone Phillips) was only interested in finding out who I had spoken to that day – she clearly was angry. She was also impertinent in her reply.

Then I spoke to Stephen Brookman (slightly senior) who agreed with everything i said and wanted me to email it to him so that he could show Iain in his meeting with him. I did this but it simply seems to have made Iain more paranoid.

Then I downloaded his ebook but was completely put off by the photo on the front which looked more like something out of Playboy than a financial service.

I could go on … and on!

I have been looking for ways to check out the companies of Iain Clifford and not finding much until now.

Anyway, my question is: what is the best way to reclaim my money as I have given them more than reasonable time to show results? I am not normally taken in and can be quite fierce when I suspect scammers but, unfortunately, this one got through the net. 

#2 – I have recently the videos on Matrix Freedom and as a customer of this company, I am left feeling a bit daft. I am now in a blooming big hole of my own making.

I took 8 cards to their limits and paid all MF fees for 8 unsecured debts and a mortgage.

I ceased paying the loans/cards and continued paying my mortgage. I have seen the recent rebuttal from Iain ‘Clifford’ but I have also seen reports made by which indicates a trading fund called ‘Global Edge’ and its CEO ‘Iain Stamp’ who looks remarkably like Iain Clifford.

These all do not make good reading.

I am now kinda up ***** creek without a paddle. I am at state retirement age in Jan 23 and have about 70k in unsecured debts and a 220k outstanding mortgage.

I suppose the sales material MF put out was just what I wanted to hear. I have not responded at all to any of the messages, letters and texts from the various companies and I don’t know even what I could say to anyone at MF.

It could easily be that when I have to tell my Wife about this – I will have accommodation problems as you can imagine I am sure.

#3 – I want to thank you for the info you publish.

I like many other have interest only mortgage, due to end in December.

I paid £1500 to matrix freedom, told that was my only payment, the a few months later they asked me for another £1000.

Feeling my hands were tied, I paid.

Now terrified I may lose my home.

I asked for advice, if I should pay the 50% of the balance I had made with selling my good and my savings, only to be told we don’t give advice. I had a great deal of trouble getting a telephone answer. They just want agents. Looks like I am going to be in trouble, I’m reporting them to action fraud.

#4 – Hi. I’ve watched a couple of the videos on your platform about matrix freedom.

Unfortunately I fell for the scam. I’ve sent two payments to sovereign reserve. One by credit card and one bank transfer totalling 2150.

Even though its sovereign reserve and not matrix freedom I’ve been dealing with I get emails from matrix freedom with links to different subjects. Do you think they are one and the same. I would appreciate your help. I’m going to ring action fraud as per the YouTube video. Thanks. 

#5 – Hi, I have watched the videos this week on matrix freedom.

I have now put in claims for credit card charge backs for the fees paid to them.

Hopefully it’s successful, i am now wanting to share this as much as possible to others!

My case is still on going with matrix freedom and sovereign reserve.

I have 4 credit cards cases with them.

Is there anything i can ask them or do to try to help expose them and prove they cannot do what they are saying they can? A sort of mystery shopper case?

I tried to ask a little on the phone this morning and they immediately became quite defensive and angry lol 

#6 – I have been a victim of what it seems to be a scam of the matrix freedom. It has been going on for nearly two years that my credit card hasn’t been paid. Because of this I have now been put on the default list by Barclaycard.

Sovereign Reserve are not replying back to me.

They said it would take six weeks to get me taken off the default list and the has be going on for about 12 weeks or more. Is there anything I can do.

I appreciate your help and advice in this matter

MFR Says: Click the “conduct your due diligence” button at the foot of the Home Page and Watch Video #6

#7 – I sent them a Cease & Desist email yesterday, they wont stop with their bloody emails.

Pity i cannot find an address for them.

MFR says: check out “Contact them” page 

#8 – I have watched the videos and am reporting to Action Fraud first.

#9 – Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for exposing Iain Stamp.

I was on the verge of signing up to his scheme before I found your website so am very grateful for your insights. 

Thanks again and all the best. 

#10 – Hi there, I was originally interested in the Matrix Freedom thing but found your website and the videos by spaniard.

That put me off the whole thing – thanks.

#11 – I have just come across your site exposing Ian Stamp.

I am sadly a victim of his fraud. I have handed over a lot of money based on his convincing webinars last year and to date have had no benefit. I was assured that within 3 months the cards would have been paid off, my credit file cleared so that I could proceed with opening new credit cards with new providers.

This simply did not happen in fact the 3 credit card companies have been harassing me and have appointed debt collectors. I am in extreme stress dealing with this matter and I have written to Ian and Andy who have done nothing to help me.

I put through 11 mortgages to be written off and used my 3 credit cards to process this. but he wanted me to pay a further £1000 per mortgage to progress through Natural Justice. As he had used up my full credit cards i had no way to pay a further £10,000 so only one mortgage is being progressed but 3 credit cards maxed out!

I need hand holding in exiting this scam properly and getting my money back. Please get in touch with me

MFR Says: This is terrible! Click the “conduct your due diligence” button at the foot of the Home Page and Watch Video #6

#12 – thank you to Spaniard for the videos for they saved me pursing the wrong path

all the best

MFR Says: we concur. He seems like a really good guy.

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#13 – I have recently purchased the mortgage free service with matrix freedom.

Paid the money and completed the paperwork to start the process with the natural justice team. They have not yet done any work on the service

I was shocked to find out from your website that MF cant deliver the claims they say they can. To find out the truth to see if this really was the case i called the natural justice team.

It took a whole week for someone senior to call me back and i spoke to a lady who after repeated questioning from me said

“we don’t hide the fact that we are not able to as yet liquidate the process.”

I was so shocked to hear them admit it because, had i known that was a ‘fact’ i sure as hell would not have purchased any service from them

I explained to the lady that I had been on many of the online webinars and not once did ian elude to the fact that he could not liquidate or not yet found the method or solution to liquidate people’s mortgages. I asked many times for a refund as no work had actually started on my case but she refused point blank to give a refund.

She said they that hopefully they will find a solution in the near future. i said: “well that contradicts the fact you claim it takes 12 to18 months to complete the process.”

I asked her to confirm that the so called 2032 claims in process you have printed on your mortgage free platform means not one of those cases to date have you have been successfully liquidated and she confirmed yes that was the case. I explained how wrong it was not be transparent with the truth in the subject they are claiming to have a presence in

i called action fraud and put my case forward and got a crime number. i then called my bank to file an indemnity claim on the transfer saying it was a mistake. unfortunately my bank outright refused to consider this option because i had paid via a bank transfer and not used my debit card details to purchase from them and therefore i was not entitled to claim back my £1000.

i’m sure there must be a remedy can you suggest anything else to claim back the money?

i’m shocked and speechless to understand the fraud matrix freedom has perpetrated on its audience. i thought it was a bit too good to be true and i understand that we all need to take personal responsibility in claiming back our own debt and not handing it over to someone else

since then i believe ian stamp had done a damage control video which is embarrassing to watch and see his staff bigging him up and calling him “honest”.

ian states yes he doesn’t know everything and he will find a remedy and hopefully we can all go along on the journey with them. well it would have been great Ian, if you could have just been more truthful from the start so that you didn’t have to do a webinar video to back up your character.

video link: Mortgagefree Q&A Session with Iain Clifford – MATRIXFREEDOM – Iain Clifford

Please say thank you to the Spaniard for his videos and information for i would not have discovered the truth this early

#14 – Good evening

I would just like to inform you that I have emailed Matrix Freedom requesting that they delete my account. I am also no longer on their mailing list – thankfully..

Many thanks 

#15 – Regarding Matrix Freedom, I have stopped my mortgage claim with them (before it started other than the DSAR), however I am still hovering with the Barclaycard Credit card claim, which I am not paying.

Barclaycard have sold the debt to PRA debt collectors, my credit rating is shot and PRA ring me every day with a recorded message. I am happy to withdraw from Matrix Freedom – (the last thing was they were trying to repair my credit but I don’t think that has been successful) although I do feel stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea – I don’t want debt collectors at the door (two young children) and I guess I am stuck with a shit rating for a few years.

I was specifically told that this would not affect my rating because my rating was important for my business.

#16 – I was one of the Matrix ‘practitioners’ who left as soon as I felt uncomfortable with what was going on at Matrix.

I am sure that all of us – practitioners leaving at once was the catalyst that brought down the house of cards.

They have my info on their files as I was a client, then for a short time an Agent (with about 3 friends referred) who I am now supporting in the mess.

Please explain to me how I can possibly extract myself, as I expect lots of other people can’t simply because their files are still with Matrix. Even though I have asked for my files back and my DSAR info to be returned to me – they don’t ever respond. What a shambles the whole thing is.

I have served notice on Matrix that I am no longer a client and have asked them to remove my details and return my files to me.

#17 – Believe it or not, there’s no option to delete account on the mf website.

I’ve had to request it through the feedback option.

#18 – I was a customer for a single mortgage write off and as a result of the ‘heads up’ videos linked via your website, wrote to Matrix freedom asking for a response to your videos on 27 May. – No response back.

On 10th June, I called the credit card company making a claim against them for the money taken. In progress – in theory at least.

Today I emailed Matrix Freedom noticing them that I am no longer a member/customer.

Hope you are well and thank you for dispelling the fantasy. 

#19 – Just to clarify my status…

In April 2020 I paid Mortgage Free £1,500 to write of a mortgage.

To cut a very long story short they couldn’t do it so I asked for a refund in June 2020.

After countless emails and no satisfactory response I gave up in July 2021 which was when the last email (excuse) was received.

I have written to them on several occasions to remove my details from their systems (which they still have not done!).

#20 – I have taken the gamble with mortgage freedom

After they have found breaches in my mortgage they hand me to next department Natural justice and they want £1,000 to continue the process!!!

I don’t remember being told that there was more fees!!!

#21 – fyi: one of the payments to UK Galaxy Investment Ltd (which is the entity that takes the second stage payment for each mortgage of £1,000) I paid over the phone using a Debit card.

On the upside, I have got one refund from Lloyds credit card for £1,500.

 I am chasing Barclaycard for £1,000 and Capital One for £3,000, so will let you know how I get on with these.


#22 – I believe the Matrix Freedom, credit card and unsecured loans wipe off is a scam.

I complained and got a refund!!

I also paid an invoice for Sovereign Reserve under the matrix Freedom platform to remove my mortgage and get payments back.

I paid this invoice by direct bank transfer not credit card!!!

Where do I stand? I guess I’m not covered like the credit card consumer credit act!

Your help would be welcome!

#23 – First Marital Breakdown 

Stamp knows that his deplorable past is not good for his new scam and that is why he is calling himself Iain Clifford which I believe is his middle name.

I followed what seemed to be a good idea by Matrix Freedom because when I did due diligence on Iain Clifford I did not find anything.

The whole thing came to a screeching halt because it didn’t work.   My Wife has now asked me to leave and it is the end of a 44 year marriage. Thanks Stampy!!

If anyone is considering following Matrix or Sovereign or any of their associated businesses, please do your full due diligence on Iain Stamp (not Iain Clifford). This is a scam in that they have ideas that have not been proven. They are encouraging people to add their fees onto credit cards and therefore you could end up in a complete tangle. I am in the process of getting out of it but it will not be easy. I understand that one person has taken their life because of this scam. This is definitely a case of BUYER BEWARE !

#24 – All Refunds Refused 

MF is still operating as usual, sending out emails to continue with Webinars etc. and avoiding any attempts to talk about refunds.  Phones are still not being answered by MF personnel.
I suppose there’s nothing more I can do to get my money back if the law is not going to investigate a company that doesn’t answer questions for their Private Members.
I’m still not interested in pursuing MF’s course of action…..And MF have also taken the videos down from YT that confirm their fraud.
Thanks for the assistance

#25 – Traumatic

I’m starting to be able to face up to what has happened now after the initial shock but it’s been quite traumatic I’m not gonna lie. 

I owe £3643 on virgin credit card which is now in default and been sold to Arrow global debt collectors so I’m unsure if I can’t do a section 75 as this was the actual credit card used to pay them and also the one they claimed they could offset for me via their sovereign reserve.

I did try to contact Virgin but they said the debt has been sold and my account closed. 

A further £2000 was paid by bank transfer for their scam and my natural justice process for the mortgage strike off at the land registry which never happened of course either. 

I spoke to a company today who look into these types of scams and they said to contact companies house asap because AK Administration was being dissolved but it was probably too late. 

I rang companies house this afternoon and it turns out this company was closed down YESTERDAY! 

God you could not make this up! 

They’ve stolen my money and I want help to get them. 

#26 – I want to sue them!

Can you please call me asap 
I need to talk to someone about Matrix Freedom and taking them on seriously in court 

That Iain Stamp/ Clifford is a total narcissist! 

I dared to criticise them after they’ve taken all my money and landed me with nothing but a bad credit rating and after numerous nasty emails and more lies they have said they’re closing my account for my abusive behaviour and keeping my SIX THOUSAND POUNDS!! 

I am livid beyond belief.

#27 – I want a refund!

Hey Jack and team

Would appreciate your thoughts… I have tried asking for a refund from MF over the phone, however didn’t get anywhere (this was back in the summer). Is it worth me emailing them to ask for a refund? If so, shall I include the YouTube video of Iain admitting he can’t wipe debt without ruining the credit rating and outlining what I have been through with them, etc or am I wasting my time? I just wondered if you know of anyone else having success with this or is trying this route?

#28 – Credit Score Lies!

We are not in a position where we can have our credit score affected at the moment. MF consistently told me none of their services would affect our credit score, which unfortunately I fell for!

Would appreciate your input.

#29 – They did Nothing!

I had dealings with them in the past – paid them more than £3500!

From what I can see they have done nothing – absolutely astounding.

With regards to the people I was in contact with I cannot remember all in the early days – a guy called Justin was my initial account manager who left the same time as Simone Marshall
Simone Phillips –
Fiona Keen –
Fern Feltham –

I would like to join a court action against Stamp.

#30 – Why doesn’t he Refund people from the Infinite Funds he’s creating?

Hi Jack,

You’ll love this one (see Stamp’s latest email below)!

Hubris, madness or a scintillating combination of both?

Why doesn’t he just use the infinite funds he’s created to bail out all the small businesses who are in trouble?  Or perhaps he can use the money in his CQV (if he truly has accessed it) to refund people.

Ah, perhaps it’s all hot-air and he’s just a deluded fool!

#31 – I don’t think I can claim my money back.

Just watched the video on your website about gaining a refund.

Don’t think this will work for me as I paid from my debit card…right?

Which clause of the Fraud Act can I use instead?

I guess I will have serve a notice to Iain.

Your help is appreciated.

Best Wishes

#32 – I don’t trust them anymore.

Dear Jack,

I’m so pleased people like you exist.   You have a good soul.

I’m about to go into a telephone meeting with MF.  I”m at a loss and don’t trust them anymore. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times – I now have serious debt because of them.

You are right – they completely mis sold their process.   This is the thing though, they got blocked when I was trying to pay them at the start of my claim, so I had to go and get cash out via the credit cards – can I still go through the credit act to recoup funds?

Please help! many thanks.

#33 – He has made me look like a fool.

Dear bea,

I have connected with six or seven other people since contacting you…. each has had a similar experience with Matrix Freedom.

I’m wondering whether you can clarify something for us in respect of the claim against Matrix Freedom.

Iain states that SENJ Ltd has been dissolved.  Stated on the MF platform.   In this respect can the claim be filed within the jurisdiction and served outside the jurisdiction if we include SENJ Ltd on the papers?

#34 – Stamp can’t provide the Service.

Dear Capt. Jack and team,

I have been watching the website videos which explain that Iain Clifford is unable to provide his customers with the services suggested.

I have registered on Action Fraud to try and get my money back but was wondering do you know the Company Trading Name and Registration Number.  I’m unsure whether it is Matrix Freedom or UKGI Ltd and unsure of the company address..
Matrix Freedom has been uncontactable by phone for more than 1 month and I am uncomfortable about how this process is going.
I would be grateful if you could assist and also thank you for allowing us to know the truth.

#35 – Indemnity Claim.

Hi Beatrix, Jack,

Trying an indemnity claim, then will move on to the court proceedings – will await your templates, should this arise. I want to ensure we get it right! Will use your website, should court processing’s not work. Thanks very much. 

#36 – Complete Washout

Dear Jack,

Thank you so much for what you are doing.

I made the mistake of referring friends and family to Matrix Freedom. 12 of us in total.

I didn’t even ask for referral commissions! 

Every single one of us has encountered problems.

Paperwork not being completed on time, poor service, phone calls not returned or responded to, and if we do get through the staff are useless and unhelpful – can’t commit to anything and seem to lack knowledge.

I totally regret ever coming across Matrix Freedom – it’s been an embarrassing experience since I recommended them to everyone. I feel responsible and very stupid.

I am now dealing with debt collectors – it seems that nothing has been done on my loans, and I’m afraid of what will happen next – I’ve never had to deal debt collectors before – can they just take my things?

#37 – Stamp has changed his story!


Been watching your videos on You Tube about matrix freedom.

It is absolutely true – what you’ve said. 

What Ian Stamp said when I took them out is totally different to what he is saying now.

Much appreciated if you can help me and my 3 friends who are all in the same position with MF.

thank you

#38 – 4 months late with my SPC Status Correction. 2 years late with my Mortgage Set Off

Hello Everyone

I’m writing to let you know just how angry and frustrated I am with Matrix Freedom.
I was told that my Status Correction would be completed before December 2022.
It’s now April 2023 and I am no closer now than I was last year. And my mortgage payments are still going up – this was supposed to be gone 2 years ago! 

For a while I was even against those who were complaining, until now. 

I am now convinced that this is just a scam. 

I don’t believe they care what they say to people just so long as they get your money. It’s broken promise after broken promise. 

I feel like such an idiot falling for it. 

All the best