Meet the Matrix Freedom Investors, Management Team & Staff

Here are the people perpetrating the largest SCAM in the Truth/Freedom Movement.

Iain Clifford Stamp aka Iain Compton Stamp aka Iain Clifford aka Iain Clifford Bezzant

Serial Scam artist who has cost the public around £500Million since 2001.  All his “business” SCHEMES have failed. He admits in his interview with Ben Hawkes that 500 of his ex business associates and family members will not associate with him! 

His family known him better than anyone! What does this say?

Terry Franks ~ Spain and kent

Long Term Business Partner and Ex-Banker with J P Morgan. He has property in Spain and in Kent.

Franks is the financial whiz who helps to move the monies obtained by selling unrealistic returns.

The trick is simple: tell people what they want to hear and blame someone else once people discover their money is lost.

Matthew Peter Fanthom

The technical brains behind the operation.

Matthew Fanthom lives in Surrey.

Helped create Mortgage Free in 2019 and Matrix Freedom in 2021.  Has his own company called MF Solutions Ltd (“Matrix Freedom” Solutions Ltd) and has recently created with Katrina Deacon and Wayne Paul.


Andrew Donald Jackman ~ Surrey and South Coast

The man Iain Stamp considered to be his “Technical Expert” until they had a falling out.  Now Iain Stamp is blaming Andrew Jackman for his own false advertising. 

Andrew Jackman himself has a history of dodgy dealings and we have been contacted by an elderly woman who claims he, together with his business partner near Lincoln, stole her house and left her penniless.

Stephen Dewen ~ Dunstable

Stephen is Iain Stamp’s “Legal Department” and is tasked with the job of keeping Iain Stamp’s online reputation clean. 

Stephen is obviously doing a very bad job at keeping Iain Stamp out of the limelight.

Stephen is also the man responsible for sending customers those threatening letters and for preparing the lien threats against Angela Musso (see the OpenDemocracy Article)

Stephen is married to Joanne. Stephen is heavily rewarded (financially) by Iain Stamp. Stephen is NOT a solicitor nor is he legally qualified.

Barrie McDowell ~ Wales

Financially invested in Matrix Freedom Barrie McDowell helps to channel monies received from Matrix Freedom customers.

Barrie has no experience in the Truth Movement and or with the financial processes being touted by Iain Clifford Stamp. Barrie runs a letting agency in Wales called: LUSCOMBE LETTING. 

We wonder what his governing body would think about his involvement with a financial scam!

Ben Hawkes

A self professed “independent” journalist – Ben Hawkes has been promoting the Matrix Freedom “Abundance Program” whilst providing Iain Clifford Stamp a platform from which to preach. 

Ben Hawkes openly admits he is friends with Iain Clifford Stamp and is, as we understand it, financially invested in the MATRIX FEREDOM platform.  Note what is written on the picture behind Ben’s head: “Everyday I’m Hustlin” 
Says it all! 

Dr Sam White ~ from Hampshire

The wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A financial investor in MATRIX FREEDOM. In addition to Ben Hawkes (another invested “friend” of Iain Stamp) – Sam White is responsible for promoting the “Abundance Program”

Sam White can often be heard reinforcing the “Abundance Program” to customers by claiming he has conducted “due-diligence”.   Sam White has no experience in the processes he claims to have vetted and has recently left the People’s Health Alliance by mutual consent. Dr White is now attempting to distance himself from MATRIX FREEDOM

Amy Helen Kelly

Operates AK Administration Limited as a “front” for taking payments related to the “Abundance 1099 Reclaims”

The Company was incorporated on 8th December 2021 and is due to be struck off the Register.

The company number is #13789255. The business office address is 37 Cavendish Walk, Epsom, KT19 8AP, ENGLAND. We believe this is Amy’s home address.

Lauren Collins

Lauren is the woman who manages the private paperwork processes on behalf of Matrix Freedom.

This is just part of the “service” that Iain Stamp claims he was not offering. 

Lauren will be well aware that neither Natural Justice nor Matrix Freedom has achieved any results in writing off Mortgages.

Fiona Keen

Fiona Keen is the woman who suggested hacking Iain Stamp can be heard agreeing to “consider” all “options”. 

One of the other staff suggests hacking 

It proves beyond all doubt their willingness to engage in unlawful actions.

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Angela Clarkson

Angela carries out Iain’s every wish and there is no doubt that she is fully aware of all the dodgy dealings that go on over at Matrix Freedom.

She is supposed to handle all the website and or platform related questions.

She is presumably responsible for the inability to unsubscribe!

Simone Phillips

Simone Phillips Head of the Agent Network and is responsible for all Network Originator and or Agent related matters.

Simone is the stooge often to be found interviewing Stamp for his fraud inducing videos.

She’s always sure not to raise difficult questions because Iain Stamp would be unable to answer them. 

Simone is a big fan of the eighties which explains the mullet hairstyle. We are unsure whether she wears a wig. It certainly looks fake. Nice shell suit Simone!

Kirsty McKenzie


Kirsty should be well aware that not one Mortgage has ever been extinguished using the Matrix Freedom methodology. 

Kirsty works part-time as a bouncer on account of her scary demeanour and ferocious personality (and massive arms).

Her friends call her the “bull-dog”.

Rav Bains (in red)

Rav Bains (from Birmingham) promotes MATRIX FREEDOM and makes money from the victims of the SCAM. 

He runs a payment processing company called WE TRANSACT, and may be processing payments for

He describes himself as an “entrepreneur, researcher and truth seeker” but that doesn’t explain why he promotes MATRIX FREEDOM

Entrepreneur, Payments, crypto, health, fitness, wellbeing enthusiast, researcher and truth seeker Live life with no regrets!


If you have information about these people including photographs, home addresses,
previous employment details – then please get in contact. 

Paul Packer 
01372 610073

Tasia Arnold
Sales Administrator
T: 01372 610073

Sam Edwards 
Phoebe Tams

Phoebe McDonald

(working there 03/09/22)


Kris Pelling 
related to Laura Pelling

Stephen Brookman

Sheena Nestor from London

Justine Dickinson

Alex Mills

Kevin Stanford

Business Partner and Ambassador 
Co-Director of Multiple
Companies with Iain Stamp
Following Iain Stamp’s personal guidance – Kevin was recently jailed for contempt of court when he failed to present his “Private Administrative Paperwork” properly before the court.
Kevin perfectly demonstrated what happens when you don’t know what you are doing. 

Trevor Covington aka Trevor Covington-Cross (from Portsmouth / Hampshire)