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Matrix Freedom Review was been created by three EX-customers of MATRIX FREEDOM, SOVEREIGN RESERVE, MORTGAGE FREE, NATURAL JUSTICE for the benefit of current MATRIX FREEDOM customers and those pursuing refunds. We now have a team of 6.

We are the Founders of the MATRIX FREEDOM VICTIM SUPPORT GROUP (“MFVSG”), and already have more than 600 members, including people who are generally dissatisfied with the poor service provided, broken promises, inability to unsubscribe from receiving emails, data breaches, and refusal to provide refunds for services advertised and NOT delivered. 

We use the online personas: Captain Jack, Percival, Lancelot, Will Romper-Stomper “Stomper”, Smudge, and Beatrix. Online personas are used because some members of the team received threats from Iain Stamp when they dared to request a refund. 

We have the support of numerous well known speakers / presenters within the truth movement, and we have already identified and consulted with counsel to assist us with all planned criminal/civil actions against Iain Stamp and members of his Management Team, and Agent network. We also have the support of the British Army’s advocacy service * see below. 

As always – you can connect with us via the private telegram group – links given by word of mouth only.  Alternatively, you may find it easier to use the contact us page on this website, or simply email: MFVSG@proton.me

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I am Captain Jack. 

I served in the British Army for 28 years.  I have completed multiple tours of duty, and have been in the thick of battle. 

I have seen how people can treat one another when there is no constructive communication, because it is a lack of communication which generally leads to conflict.  I am experienced in leading men into battle.  I am honoured to chair the Matrix Freedom Victims Support Group.  

What I have witnessed and experienced with Matrix Freedom saddens me.   

I can only hope that my best is good enough to see us through to victory.  Battle is not something any man should seek.  But if a battle is necessary, it is my duty to ensure that we are successful, and that success incurs the smallest number of casualties possible.

Spaniard interviews Simone Marshall (ex-Matrix Freedom Staff Member)

Exclusive: Stamp's 100% Track Record Impressing the Girls comes to a Stormy End

The MFVSG invites Iain Clifford Stamp to a live, open air discussion, which can be live streamed and recorded, so that he can answer questions about his broken promises. 

In making this offer we are aware that during Iain’s spat with Simon the Spaniard – Iain invited Simon to make videos detailing the perceived “wrong-doing” by Matrix Freedom.  Simon was invited to post the videos online to which Iain stated he would post rebuttals. 

Far from posting rebuttals, Iain lodged “copyright” claims with you tube (for using his name/clips from his videos/excerpts from the MF website) – all in an effort to silence Simon. 

Once the copyright claims had been overcome by Simon, Iain then lodged “defamation” claims which can be upheld and enforced by you tube for simply quoting a person’s name.

I believe that Iain demonstrated cowardice by making an invitation only to run and hide when the arguments/proof being presented were so compelling as to demonstrate guilt of wrong doing.

Iain persisted with his public offers, and then invited the Spaniard to a “moderated public debate”.   Initially Simon refused on the grounds that it was a pointless exercise, but later accepted Iain’s offer.   Let’s be clear: Iain’s offer stated that Simon the Spaniard would be invited to put all the evidence (previously shown on the videos objected-to by Iain), before the “moderator”, and Iain would provide answers.

Iain made it clear that he did not wish to speak with Simon direct and he wanted all communications to go via a moderator. It appears the process was to be filmed over a number of days. 

We are aware that once Simon accepted Iain’s Offer, Iain proceeded to change his mind and began demanding alterations to the format which he (Iain) had originally offered.  The email exchange appears to point to a protracted exchange intended to never result in an actual online filmed exchange.

If Iain Stamp honestly wishes to face his victims, then we suggest he email MFVSG@proton.me to arrange an online, unrestricted, unbound interaction in which customers of Matrix Freedom be permitted to raise questions, and put their concerns to Mr Stamp. 

Even better – would be a filmed interaction in a hall or public venue so that victims can meet with Mr Stamp face to face.

We will update the world at large on this page of the website.

Let’s hope Mr Stamp has the integrity to communicate with his customers.  We trust that Iain will not attempt to play games and or use this as an exercise to duck his responsibilities and the duties owed to his customers.

UPDATE: April 2023
We have now secured the services of barrister: Mr Gary Summers. See the Home Page for more details.

I, as chair of the MFVSG, wish to extend my thanks and endless gratitude to Simon “the Spaniard”.  Simon has given us the benefit of his time and knowledge.  He has made  reams of evidence available to us, and has presented us with email exchanges and the free use of his videos.

I do feel it is important at this juncture to point out that the MFVSG is not driven by Simon.  In fact Simon has nothing to do with our decisions, the legal proceedings we are intending to bring, or the private prosecution we intend to launch. 

The MFVSG is neither designed nor intended to stroke Simon’s ego.

The MFVSG is driven solely by the victims of Matrix Freedom. 

We will not be silenced by Iain Stamp.  We are aware that Iain has made multiple attempts to have this website taken down.  Far from encouraging open debate – Iain merely seeks to silence us. We will not be silenced.  

"Fucking Braindead": Stamp slates Customers:

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Do you feel that Matrix Freedom has broken its promises to you?

Did you experience poor or an unacceptably delayed service, incomplete process, a lack of communication, or inability to obtain answers?

Have you been denied a refund?

Have you experienced an inability to unsubscribed from receiving emails?

Do you feel that you have been lied to or misled? 

Have you handed Matrix Freedom £thousands 

If you are a victim email MFVSG@proton.me and we’ll respond as soon as we can.  Please note we are in the process of putting together our “back-office” team of volunteers. Beatrix will endeavour to respond to all enquiries on a timely basis.