What is Secured Party Creditor?

Secured Party Creditor is, according to Iain Stamp, the means by which you correct your status. 

This is NOT TRUE. 

In any case – the process which Iain Stamp has employed to achieve “Secured party Creditor” status is WRONG.

We have seen Iain Stamp’s paperwork and we have gained outside advice. 

The paperwork is completely wrong!

Firstly: the expression of a BLOCK CAP STRAWMAN gaining security over a BLOCK CAP STRAWMAN is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the UCCI Filing.

Secondly: the Lien DEBTOR has been documented in this style: JOHN SMITH TRUST

In other words: JOHN SMITH is taking a lien over the JOHN SMITH TRUST.

You cannot lien a Trust in this way. You must either lien the Trustees or the Beneficiary!

That’s why everyone wants a trust to protect property. 

A Trust splits the title, which brings us back to the afore-mentioned statement. 
You must either lien the Trustees or the Beneficiary!

If Stamp has completed all his paperwork in this way then he has cocked it all up (no surprise there)!

We can categorically state that Secured Party Creditor does NOT correct your STATUS.

If Iain Stamp claims otherwise - ask him to prove it!

Ask him to show you that he now has dominion over the earth - which he does not.

Ask him why he has NOT over turned the sanctions placed against him by the FCA and the Police.

If his status had changed, then these institutions would bow down before him.