Stephen Dewen

Stephen Dewen, located in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, heads up the Matrix Freedom Legal Department. 

Stephen was responsible for constructing the Matrix Freedom PMA membership contract for the WORLD’S BIGGEST FREEDOM COMMUNITY 
which removes your freedoms and your rights to Data Protection as a Member/Customer.

Stephen also created the Complaint’s Process in which you cannot lodge a “complaint” unless you first hold-harmless ALL STAFF and TRUSTEES for any wrong doing.   

We believe these contractual terms are unconscionable yet so very typical of the way in which MATRIX FREEDOM staff and management are attempting to shield themselves from ANY responsibility and liability for their actions.

You can find Stephen Dewen by conducting an online search of the electoral register. There are many companies offering the service.

Stamp (supported and protected by his henchman – Stephen Dewen – denies that he ever offered a “service” and he denies he ever misled anyone into believing he could write off mortgages.   We ask Iain Stamp to explain the excerpts from his own emails (shown here above and below).  

How does Stephen Dewen sleep at night threatening those who have been misled into parting with their money?  Our sources (staff members) confirm that Stephen Dewen is not only responsible for protecting Iain Stamp – he has actively suggested ways of silencing dissatisfied customers of MATRIX FREEDOM. 

Are Stephen’s family aware of what he is doing?  Are they proud of him? 

Do his children look at him with eyes of admiration?