MFVSG Inaugural Meeting

On Saturday 18th February 2023, the inaugural meeting of the Matrix Freedom Victim Support Group (“MFVSG”) took place.

I would like to thank each of the 115 souls in attendance, and those who sent their messages of support despite being unable to attend in person.   I think I speak for everyone when I say that the unity and resolve demonstrated by all victims of the Matrix Freedom scam was truly inspiring.

Attendees voted unanimously to pursue private criminal prosecutions, where possible, against Iain Clifford Stamp and each member of his management team for the parts they have respectively played inducing members of the Matrix Freedom PMA, previously known as Customers of SENJ Ltd (Seychelles) trading as Matrix Freedom, into misleading and falsely presented service contracts.

Those members of the management team we believe are just as responsible as Iain Stamp are:

Simone Phillips
Fiona Keen
Stephen Dewen
Andrew Jackman aka Andrew Donald
Matthew Fanthom
Lauren Collins
Angela Clarkson
Amy Kelly
Kevin Stanford
Terry Franks
Dr Sam White
Kirsty McKenzie

A list of agents “selling” and “promoting” Matrix Freedom services is being compiled and an appropriate course of action against these individuals will be decided at the next meeting to be organised for end March 2023.

Committee members were appointed to undertake various administrative roles with myself, “Captain” Jack elected to remain as long term Chairman.

Two Ex-British Army advocates have agreed to undertake the initial preparations of case papers – predominantly the collation of evidence, and initial liaison with legal counsel. 

We await the next meeting.